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This was his follow-up text (demonstrating how passionate he is for you to experience the same "superhuman" upgrades that he's been enjoying).

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What are the AREAS OF your life that you would like to IMPROVE NOW?

Hypnotherapy has consistently reliable solutions and results.

That are immediate and lasting.

There is no need to waste any more time on options that don’t stack up.

How does hypnosis compare to other options?




Source: Alfred A Barrios, Ph.D. (American Health Magazine & Psychotherapy Magazine)

hypnosis works

Prior to experiencing hypnosis, Courtney worked tirelessly —for five years— to try to relieve her stress via self-help books, therapy, daily meditation, dietary changes and exercise programs. Despite these efforts, she barely felt any improvements.

Then, after ONE hypnosis session she immediately started to feel happier and more relaxed. More progress was made in 50 minutes than in five years.

This is why she's dedicated her life to hypnotherapy. It works.

A 6-figure income increase only 3 days after a client’s session to improve his finances

A baby being conceived 2 weeks after a session to address her 5-year fertility struggle

Multiple instantaneous healings of severe hip pain, lethal allergies, and Type I diabetes

And, each of these results occurred after just *one session.

My unique approach to hypnotherapy produces consistent, incredible results, including:

*The vast majority of clients maximize the power of hypnotherapy and enjoy having multiple follow-up sessions to experience additional personal improvements.


I’m Courtney Starkey, the founder of Advanced Performance Hypnosis    and Soul Empowering Hypnosis



"Courtney is the self-guiding tactical nuclear missile that you need to find, fix, and finish off the emotional constraints that hold you back."

Ken, co-founder of Myndstate, World Champion: Multiple Extreme Sports, Member of Executive AI Council


The key to their success is they do the work.

I'm an ideal teammate for clients who are committed to their (fast) progress.

I work best with those who are already success-oriented and ready for a breakthrough to achieve (and surpass) their personal and professional goals...

 those who are ready to create their indelible legacy. 

Even for first-time clients who have never experienced hypnosis before.

APH   / SEH   is the perfect blend of advanced hypnosis techniques that tap into the practical and spiritual aspects of the client.

How are these results possible?

These advanced methods work extraordinarily well for high-achievers. Especially, business executives, elite athletes, esteemed public figures, and driven entrepreneurs.



"As a result of the sessions, my clarity of purpose is strong. My work is improving, increasing, and is now leaving a significant mark in the industry."

Deborah, Principal / Founder at CEDAR Architecture


When YOU AND I work together, your progress will not be confined to our ONE-on-one sessions.

I will teach you how to facilitate instantaneous self-hypnosis so you can experience immediate breakthroughs as needed and on command.

And, my VIP annual-package clients have direct access to my personal cell so they can get feedback from me the moment they need it.

Never underestimate how powerful a 5-minute conversation can be with someone who knows the true you, is tapped into their intuition, and will be honest/direct with you.

Watch as this VIP annual-package client details "one of the most profound experiences of [his] entire life"  that occurred during his 4th APH/SEH session and "sealed the deal" for him regarding how powerful these sessions can be.

You weren’t born to live a partially satisfying life where you achieve only a fraction of your dreams.

You are capable of so much more.

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At SEH/APH, we are blazing new trails blending the spiritual and scientific. Brainwave/heartrate equipment is not required for SEH/APH sessions. However, having quantifiable evidence that your powerful experiences are "real" adds another layer of tangibility (and fun!) to your positive results.

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"Courtney and her methods produce results & improve your life quickly. She pushes you farther than expected so you can succeed faster. (She doesn't leave room for coddling or mediocrity!) If you are determined to succeed, contact her!"

Bob, Vice President at Dugmore & Duncan


"Courtney is the self-guiding tactical nuclear missile that you need to find, fix, and finish inside emotional constraints that hold you back. I thought my emotional baggage was quite light, well that's because it was far behind me and I became strong by lugging it along, but I wasn't fast and I tired quickly. Courtney not only found that luggage but helped me burn it to the ground. I've not been so strong mentally, my confidence is the highest, and my clarity is unmatched.

If there's ever a moment when I have a tough time giving thanks, Courtney's efforts pop to mind and I am deeply in a state of gratitude and can't comprehend now how I got anything done before meeting her!

Hats off to Courtney, I'm never leaving her as a client or friend."

Ken, co-founder of Myndstate, World Champion: Multiple Extreme Sports, Member of Executive AI Council

"Courtney and her methods produce results. Her formula improves your life quicker than you realize and rids you of any lingering indecision.

She prefers working with highly motivated clients and her techniques inspire you into action.

She will push you farther than you expected so you can succeed faster. (She doesn't leave room for coddling or mediocrity!)

If you are determined to succeed, contact her!"

Bob, Vice President at Dugmore & Duncan

"I first came to Courtney after reading Life Between Lives by Michael Newton, wanting to understand the richness of life on a deeper level. I'd also recently started my own architecture practice, had a new baby, wanted to improve my health, and was fighting a large energy company on their plans to build a compressor station near our home. All of these aspects of my life played into my first sessions, and it became clear how intertwined each one was with the other. I noticed that working on one issue had a domino effect of improving every area and with each new session I made additional and significant progress on the issues I wanted to address.

In the beginning I had apprehensions about my ability to sink into hypnosis and “hear” any messages, but Courtney's warm and welcoming demeanor soon enabled me to relax and enjoy the process. The very first moment she guided me into a deep state of relaxation, I felt a tremendous wave of energy rush over me, almost (literally) pushing me off the couch. It was such a real and unexpected experience that I knew I could trust in and engage with everything that would follow. That wave of palpable energy was intense, but it isn’t even close to the most powerful of the experiences I have had in these sessions.

There are clearly Spirit Beings who are here to work with us and help us get deep into our inner nature; into ourselves, removing the Band-Aids we have put in place throughout time. There is so much guidance available to us, but we don’t have a lot of experience with how to access it. Working through hypnosis is an easy way to start to (re)open this connection.

The work that I do as an architect is very much focused on the intersection of architecture and nature, and as such I spent a good deal of my time with Courtney diving into how I could develop this relationship with nature more deeply. My goal in building my business has been to do it authentically; I want to love the work I do and know I am creating something of lasting value. In the hypnosis sessions, Courtney and I both enjoyed the nature spirits who would show up to guide my path and enthusiastically celebrate the new relationship we were developing. My relationship with nature now grows stronger each day and it shows in my work. My clarity of purpose is strong now and my work is improving and increasing as a result.

My work is now leaving a significant mark in the industry.

I’m still processing some of the more mystical experiences of our sessions and expect to for a lifetime. I also look forward to adding new experiences like them. I know I will continue to search for higher answers through my hypnosis sessions. Life is now more sparkly and dynamic than it was before I begin this exploration.

I am eternally grateful to Courtney for facilitating that. She’s doing an important service to this world.

And, I am happy to report that, against all odds, we won the compressor station fight, in no small part because we had an impressive support network beyond what we are able to perceive in this realm."

Deborah, Principal / Founder at CEDAR Architecture