“One Cannot 'Un-Feel' something so deep. one Cannot 'Un-Know' the potential healing connections that bide their time in the ether... that await you should you simply try to access them.”

- Courtney Starkey
P. 29 Cornflower


Join Courtney Starkey, M.Ed., MHt on her journey from a novice hypnosis client to award-winning hypnotherapist who has worked with hundreds of clients and has facilitated thousands of hypnosis sessions.

Delve into past lives, experience the Spirit Realm, investigate Soul connections, and learn loving and healing wisdom.

This journey is universal in its nature and, therefore, can inform your journey as well.

Courtney also reveals three hypnosis secrets that have never been shared publicly before. It is time to make public this Universal Soul-wisdom that was previously untold... we are ready to learn and experience much more during our sessions... far beyond what we previously thought was possible!


My Hypnosis Journey Through Past Lives Into the Spirit Realm


I kept reading and loving what was unfolding on every page. I had questions and Cornflower was the answer to EVERYTHING!!! I LOVED reading it! 


The type of transformation she documents in Cornflower is all about where the rubber meets the road. You are loved, you are supported, and you can live a happier life.


I highly recommend Cornflower. If you stumbled across it, maybe this is your sign from the universe to just go ahead and buy it. You won't regret it!

J. from Missouri

You are a great writer, and the story of your past lives is mesmerizing.
I felt like I was reading the NeverEnding Story!

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Courtney's Children's Book:

Flower Friend, inspired by Courtney's hypnosis sessions, is a story of love and compassion for oneself and others. The protagonist, through the help of her friend, learns that her "flaws" are not really flaws at all and that beauty is (very much) in the eye of the beholder. This tale is told through delightful poetic verse and charming illustrations.

For those looking to enhance the messages in the book and to initiate thought provoking conversation, there are "Fun Facts" and "Questions & Answers" after the conclusion of the story.

This is a beautiful tale to read on your own or to share with a friend.

Flower Friend


Click here for a drawing of Daisy that you can print out and color.

R. from HAWAII

I cannot wait to share this with my nieces and nephews - and even a few adults! The lesson in loving ourselves is something that the world can benefit from.

B. from Massachusetts

This is a delightfully thoughtful story that's easy for an early reader and lots of fun to read aloud at bedtime. Definitely a winner!


Got it as a gift and the story was a perfect reminder to be kind and loving. I actually use it to teach English as a Second Language to kids and adults. Everyone loves it!

J. from HAWAII

We found this book in the local library and had to buy it. The story is such a wonderful message for all children.

Be sure to check out the Amazon reviews

Flower Friend


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