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Prior to experiencing hypnosis, Courtney worked tirelessly —for five years— to try to relieve her stress via self-help books, therapy, daily mediation, dietary changes and exercise programs. Despite these efforts, she barely felt any improvements.

Then, after ONE hypnosis session she immediately started to feel happier and more relaxed. More progress was made in 50 minutes than in five years.

This is why she's dedicated her life to hypnotherapy. It works.

In your monthly, group hypnosis sessions we eliminate any mental blocks, physical limitations, and spiritual obstructions that have been hindering your progress.  

Having consistent hypnosis sessions upgraded my life quickly and dramatically.
I know you can experience the same profound benefits.

*The key to your inevitable progress is that you make time for yourself. When you are committed to yourself, these sessions become non-negotiable. Whether you attend the sessions live or experience them as recordings, put them in your calendar NOW (see schedule below). You are worth it. 


I'm Courtney Starkey, M.Ed., MHt, Doctoral candidate (specializing in advanced hypnotherapy research), award-winning practitioner/trainer, acclaimed author, highly regarded corporate speaker, and the founder of Soul Empowering Hypnosis® and Advanced Performance Hypnosis™ certification training.


When you join, you will have access to:

Monthly group hypnosis sessions (Zoom) that will change your life with the click of a button

Dozens of group hypnosis recordings that you can experience the instant you sign up today

Two guided hypnosis recordings that will prepare you for rapid success and boost your confidence

Two MORE pre-recorded hypnosis classes (of your choosing) to delve into specific healing topics

Gain exclusive access to receiving one-on-one sessions from highly qualified Soul Empowering Hypnosis students who are training to earn their SEH Mastery certification

Courtney came into my life at "just the right time" and our sessions together (in-person and online) have prompted such awakenings in me that words don't seem to be appropriate, including a verifiable past life and wisdom about my soul mate and our love together.

G. from Virginia

    ✨Connect with Your Soul’s Energy
    ✨Learn Your Soul Name & Color(s)
    ✨Discover Next Steps for Progress⠀
    ✨Gain Deep Confidence in Yourself
    ✨Amplify Your Inherent Soul Magic
    ✨Release Any of Your Blocks to Joy⠀
    ✨Receive Soul Energy for Abundance⠀
    ✨Get Gifts from your Spirit Guides
    ✨Begin Living Your FULL Potential⠀

If you cannot join us LIVE, no worries, members receive a recording of each hypnosis session.

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June 4, 2023


Soul Empowering Hypnosis

During your sessions, you will experience a wide variety of benefits, including:



Monthly Sessions are ON every*
first Sunday of the month at
11am - 2Pm (Pacific Time)

JANUARY 8, 2023
FEBRUARY 5, 2023
MARCH 5, 2023 
APRIL 2, 2023
MAY 7, 2023
JUNE 4, 2023
JULY 2, 2023
AUGUST 6, 2023
OCTOBER 1, 2023
NOVEMBER 5, 2023
DECEMBER 10, 2023

* except for January and December 2023, which are on the second Sunday of the month

JUNE 4, 2023


The group hypnosis events are amazing. The energy that emanates between the group members amps up the experience for each person attending. Courtney's bright light shines when she guides the group hypnosis sessions. She is an amazing spirit and person and I feel blessed to have been guided to her. I can't wait until my next session.

T. from Florida

GET these bonuses!

This straightforward, yet profound, method demonstrates how to release your lack of clarity via connecting deeply to your Highest Wisdom and Inner Guidance.

This uplifting process opens up for accessing your Soul, spirit guides, guardian angels, and Universal wisdom as you receive your clear answers and precise guidance.


From Confusion to Confidence in 3 Loving Steps

This is a simple and easy technique for preparing you for your hypnosis sessions.

It takes only a few moments of your time and can improve your wonderful hypnosis results.

Additionally, once you practice this technique a few times, you'll be able to easily incorporate it into any area of your life when you feel you need a bit more relaxation.


8 Breaths for Hypnosis Prep

The wisdom gained during these guided sessions can activate deep understandings and healing.

These recordings facilitate a gentle and loving experience that is especially conducive for opening up more and more to the positive shifts you are ready for.

It is time for you to enjoy life the way you know you are meant to.


2 Guided Hypnosis Recordings of Your Choice

The healing and joy I have received from my sessions just astounds/amazes me. Courtney has a very special gift and the most loving and uplifting spirit; truly an ‘angel’ in my life. I look forward always to my next session and what insight and peace it will bring to my life.

E. from Michigan

VALUE: $396

VALUE: $2,000+ 

VALUE: $88

VALUE: $20 

VALUE: $176 

VALUE: priceless

12 annual live, online group hypnosis sessions each year

Dozens of group hypnosis session recordings

"From Confusion to Confidence" hypnosis class

"8 Breaths for Hypnosis Prep" hypnosis class

2 more hypnosis recordings of your choosing

A community of wise and loving souls who "get it"

As part of your Soul Empowering Hypnosis Membership

you'll have access to:



But you don't have to pay that amount!

Pay only
$55 per month

Pay only $55 per month

Monthly Subscription




Register ASAP to join in time for the upcoming live, online group hypnosis session.

to enjoy the benefits


V. from Virginia

Attending several group and one-on-one hypnosis sessions with Courtney has really helped me align my conscious self with my soul and my soul’s wisdom.

O. from Virginia

I have done many one-on-one sessions, group sessions, online sessions, and session recordings with Courtney. Every single time I learn something new and my body and soul heal.


During one of our group hypnosis sessions with Courtney, she helped me eliminate my claustrophobia.

N. from Minnesota

A LOT has flowed and changed extremely quickly in the last 4 months since I joined the SEH group hypnosis membership.

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