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When you join, you will have access to:

Monthly live, online group hypnosis sessions that can be customized to your needs

Dozens of group hypnosis recordings to experience between the live, online sessions

Two hypnosis class recordings focusing on
 1) Hypnosis Prep and 2) Gaining Clarity/Confidence

Two additional hypnosis class recordings (of your choosing) to delve deeper into your areas of interest

Be in the pool of candidates for Soul Empowering Hypnosis students to facilitate their practice sessions on

"Courtney came into my life at "just the right time" and our sessions together (in-person and online) have prompted such awakenings in me that words don't seem to be appropriate, including a verifiable past life and wisdom about my soul mate and our love together."

G. from Virginia

During this session, you will:
✨ Invite in your most magical & helpful Spirit Friends
✨ Open up to the percentage of shifting that feels best
✨ Experience energetic shifts to open up to these changes
✨ Transmute the old into the new via wise tree energy
✨ Receive pleasantly purifying dragon fire healing
✨ Invite in the fairies for finding/removing all the tiny bits
✨ Enjoy a purifying and healing energy bath/shower
✨ Thank the old for all it taught you and say a loving goodbye
✨ Take a peak into your positive future from this day forward

If you cannot join us LIVE, no worries, members receive a recording of each hypnosis session.

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February 5, 2023


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Monthly Sessions are ON every*
first Sunday of the month at
11am - 2am (Pacific Time)

JANUARY 8, 2023

MARCH 5, 2023
APRIL 2, 2023
MAY 7, 2023
JUNE 4, 2023
JULY 2, 2023
AUGUST 6, 2023
OCTOBER 1, 2023
NOVEMBER 5, 2023
DECEMBER 10, 2023

* except for January and December 2023, which are on the second Sunday of the month

FEBRUARY 5, 2023


"The group hypnosis events are amazing. The energy that emanates between the group members amps up the experience for each person attending. Courtney's bright light shines when she guides the group hypnosis sessions. She is an amazing spirit and person and I feel blessed to have been guided to her. I can't wait until my next session."

T. from Florida

GET these bonuses!

This simple, yet profound, method demonstrates how to release uncertainty and connect to your Highest Wisdom and Inner Guidance.

This uplifting process opens up for connecting to one's own spirit guides, guardian angels, Soul Self, and the Universe while receiving answers, wisdom, and guidance.


From Confusion to Confidence in 3 Loving Steps

This is a simple and easy technique for preparing you for your hypnosis sessions.

It takes only a few moments of your time and can improve your wonderful hypnosis results.

Additionally, once you practice this technique a few times, you'll be able to easily incorporate it into any area of your life when you feel you need a bit more relaxation.


8 Breaths for Hypnosis Prep

The wisdom gained during these guided sessions can activate deep understandings and healing.

These recordings facilitate a gentle and loving experience that is especially conducive for opening up more and more to the positive shifts you are ready for.

It is time for you to enjoy life the way you know you are meant to.


2 Guided Hypnosis Recordings of Your Choice

"The healing and joy I have received from my sessions just astounds/amazes me. Courtney has a very special gift and the most loving and uplifting spirit; truly an ‘angel’ in my life. I look forward always to my next session and what insight and peace it will bring to my life."

E. from Michigan

VALUE: $396

VALUE: $2,000+ 

VALUE: $88

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VALUE: $176 

VALUE: priceless

12 annual live, online group hypnosis sessions each year

Dozens of group hypnosis session recordings

"From Confusion to Confidence" hypnosis class

"8 Breaths for Hypnosis Prep" hypnosis class

2 more hypnosis recordings of your choosing

A community of wise and loving souls who "get it"

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"Attending several group and one-on-one hypnosis sessions with Courtney has really helped me align my conscious self with my soul and my soul’s wisdom."

V. from Virginia

"I have done many one-on-one sessions, group sessions, online sessions, and session recordings with Courtney. Every single time I learn something new and my body and soul heal."

O. from Virginia

"During one of our group hypnosis sessions with Courtney, she helped me eliminate my claustrophobia."

J. from Virginia