Hypnosis clients want to be connected to their intuition, to love, to joy...

But don't know how to do so effectively or consistently.

This is why we need you.

You were born to be of loving service and your heart knows that life can be so much more joyful.

There must be a solution...

There is.

It's here.


Soul Empowering Hypnosis invites you to become the much needed antidote to these solvable conditions of the planet.

As hypnotherapists, we are experts in discovering Soul-level solutions, inviting in and channeling Spirit Realm light, and living from a place of pure love and authentic purpose.

We understand that connecting to the Soul's wisdom, energy, and perspective is the key.

And, the key is at your fingertips in this very moment.

No matter if you are a brand new practitioner (as in, SEH will be your very first hypnosis training) or you are highly experienced (as in, you've trained in other styles of hypnosis, but you know there is more) SEH meets you were you are... and elevates your hypnosis practice to your next level.

Soul Empowering Hypnosis (Level 1) Certification Training

In this 8-class online program, you will enjoy super charging your professional skills and upgrading your personal life by experiencing 8 Soul Empowering Hypnosis sessions as part of the SEH (Level 1) Certification training.

Brand new practitioners, you will have so much fun as you easily learn these life-changing techniques… brought to us directly from the Universe and refined during 1000+ sessions.

Highly experienced practitioners, welcome to the next level! You will relish these cutting-edge methods that can help ANY client in any stage of their session. Stressful sessions that "stall" are finally a thing of the past!


See BONUSES below to learn the many ways you'll get to enjoy live engagement opportunities, such as the monthly Mastermind meetings and the monthly group hypnosis sessions. You will enjoy a genuine sense of community with your amazing SEH classmates and Q&A discussions with your SEH instructors even when taking the recorded version of the class. The best of both worlds!

Go ahead and get excited... the life-changing fun is about to begin!

Master “doubt-proof” techniques that can help any client:

Release all resistance

Let go of any blocks

Move past experiencing “nothing”

Become an expert in communicating with all types of:


Spirit Guides

Spirit Animals

...(and SO much more)

Perfect “magic wand” methods, such as:

Happy Healthy Protection (to replace negative patterns)

Spirit Realm Color Activation (the “secret weapon” of SEH)

Wisdom Centers (explore any facet of the client’s inner wisdom)

Enjoy quick scripts (that work!) for:

Inductions (that don’t eat up half of the session time)

Deepeners & Segues (that are easy and low pressure)

Channeling (the client’s Soul borrows their vocal cords)

Delight in sessions that “go with the flow” and:

Truly honor the client’s Soul wisdom, guidance, and path

Feel good to facilitate since you never have to force anything

Produce better results since the session is perfectly personalized to the client

Experience all of this while enjoying:

Interactive educational modules (with priceless community engagement)

Numerous demo sessions for you to get a feel for the easy yet profound SEH process

Flexible scripts that give you support when you need it and let you soar when your wings are ready

Facilitating and receiving 8 Soul Empowering Hypnosis sessions that will change your life (personally and professionally)

Facilitating a "graduation session" on an SEH instructor to feel 100% confident you have mastered the Level 1 techniques and to earn your Level 1 ranking in the SEH Directory

And, a student favorite is the abundance of live engagement opportunities with your SEH instructors and classmates (see Bonuses below)

"Courtney has taught me how to connect my clients to significant past lives, present day aspirations, and deep soul wisdom/guidance. I am so passionate about Courtney's SEH courses."

Angi, Angelaria Hypnosis

Plus these bonuses!

As part of your Level 1 training you will be gifted 2 months of this membership where you will:

  • Feel supported by teammate Souls (you’ve definitely known before… in many lives)

  • Be the first to hear the latest cutting edge wisdom (the SEH family is famous for sharing with each other… there is no sense of competition in this community)

  • Be privy to freshly discovered hypnosis methods brought to us by the Universe during the SEH sessions (a natural side-effect of facilitating flexible sessions rather than being bound by a script)


SEH Student Support

As part of your Level 1 training you will be gifted 2 months of this membership where you will:

  • Receive incredibly powerful group hypnosis experiences (the goal of SEH is to make your professional AND personal life even more magical)

  • Get a firsthand understanding of how group hypnosis events are facilitated (so you can host your own, which really expands your business)

  • Learn and experience psychometry (this is a favorite among hypnosis members and can be done with your one-on-one clients as well)


Soul Empowering Hypnosis Membership

As a Soul Empowering Hypnosis certified practitioner

You get to upgrade clients to their next level of magic… while also upgrading your own life.

  • Live your Soul’s mission to elevate the planet.
  • Delight in the magic of every single session.
  • Facilitate hypnosis that is described as “limitless”.

With SEH, every client feels like an easy client… and the contact high you receive from the Spirit Realm energy is undeniable.

SEH Level 1 (2023) is ON


11am-2pm (Pacific)


March 11 - April 29


One time payment

enroll now



6 monthly payments



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12 monthly payments



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"This is an amazing opportunity for hypnotherapists who wish to easily connect to guides, angels, spirit friends, and the soul. I am blown away by the information my SEH clients have received."

Peg, Peaceful Dragonfly Healing

"Soul Empowering Hypnosis (SEH) is taking hypnotherapy to a whole new level!

Courtney has designed a gentle, loving, and profound method of hypnosis that allows SEH certified practitioners to take their Clients into Transdimensional realms of consciousness for the purpose of healing, empowerment, self-discovery, and enlightenment!"

Regina, Spirit Circle Hypnosis

"Courtney offers a beautiful way of teaching SEH through warmth, connection and true understanding… and sharing her years of wisdom with us.

Taking SEH now allows me to offer online sessions to my spiritual hypnosis clients."

SEH Student