Ken deeply values this work and has asked for others to see his sessions so more people will understand the profound transformations that can take place in a short period of time.



Please begin by watching the pre-talk in Session #5 as it provides helpful background for the first 4 sessions.

And be sure to watch all videos on 2x speed for maximum efficiency.

*I normally do not insert myself into sessions (as in mentioning that I am receiving energy and need a moment). However, Ken established that he would like to see progress for both of us, which is why my mention of my own experiences and needs occurred from time to time. This does not happen unless the client requests it.

demo session 1

Provided is a short excerpt from Session #1 because Ken would like for this session to remain private unless you specifically request to see it. Please submit your email and we will send the full video to you.

demo session 2

In this video, Ken permanently eliminates his food cravings, meets his off-planet bat family, receives healing from nano-bots, and much more.

demo session 3


*Coming Soon

demo session 4


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demo session 5

In this video, Courtney and Ken's Spirit Guides detail a step-by-step process for dissolving time that you can experience and utilize too!

demo sessions

JAMES demo session 1

In this video, James heals numerous traumas procured as a First Responder and meets a wonderfully unique Spirit Guide.

15-Minute Power Sessions are exactly that: POWERFUL

These sessions are revolutionizing hypnosis since they result in massive improvements at an astonishing speed (in just 10-15 minutes).

Watch this 14-minute Power Session that shifts Courtney into a more business savvy state of being.

She’s mastered hypnotherapy and teaching after more than a decade+ of doing both, but only started prioritizing the business aspect of her work in 2022 and is still learning its intricacies.

Like you, she is constantly evolving and business mastery is her current goal.

She understands that it is her responsibility to master all facets of business including marketing because Soul Empowering Hypnosis (SEH), Advanced Performance Hypnosis (APH), and 15-minute Power Sessions are revolutionizing hypnosis.

This healing tool is meant to become mainstream.

Book your power session

hypnosis works

Prior to experiencing hypnosis, Courtney worked tirelessly —for five years— to try to relieve her stress via self-help books, therapy, daily mediation, dietary changes and exercise programs. Despite these efforts, she barely felt any improvements.

Then, after ONE hypnosis session she immediately started to feel happier and more relaxed. More progress was made in 50 minutes than in five years.

This is why she's dedicated her life to hypnotherapy. It works.

APH/seh hypnosis operates at your ideal speed…


It is intentionally designed to employ the most expeditious methods for quelling your stress and unlocking your peak performance while also being described as “masterful”, “limitless”, and “in another solar system” when compared to all other types of hypnosis.

In your APH/SEH sessions we eliminate any mental blocks, physical limitations, and *spiritual obstructions that have been hindering your progress.  

I am committed to dramatically improving the wellbeing of those who dedicate their lives to making an impact.

*As noted above, the spiritual aspect is optional. It is your choice to blend APH and SEH. Doing so WILL expedite your progress if you are a believer in or open to the possibility of "something greater than yourself". You will excel with APH regardless if you get the assist from SEH. And, SEH sessions can upgrade your life quickly regardless of if you utilize the "hard-driving" energy of APH.


I'm Courtney Starkey, M.Ed., MHt, Doctoral candidate (specializing in advanced hypnotherapy research), award-winning practitioner/trainer, acclaimed author, highly regarded corporate speaker, and the founder of Soul Empowering Hypnosis® and Advanced Performance Hypnosis™ certification training.


Sr. Offensive Security Manager at Robinhood

I booked my sessions with Courtney to address my anger and depression. During one of our first sessions, I was embraced by the Universe and no longer felt alone. This was a huge turning point for me. Highly recommend.


Vice President and Co-Founder of URU Security

My outlook on life has changed dramatically since I began sessions with Courtney. After just two sessions I began to notice a dramatic and continual increase in focus and decrease in anxiety. These changes apply to my professional and personal life as a business owner and father.


Founder & Owner of Izzy B Make Up

Working with Courtney has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the quantity and quality of my clientele due to my improved confidence and communication skills. I now have the luxury of being selective regarding who I work with, all while enjoying a much increased income.


Principal / Founder at CEDAR Architecture

As an architect, I know I am creating something of lasting value. My sessions with Courtney have helped me to develop a much deeper relationship with nature, which has been integral to the advancement of my work. My clarity of purpose is now very strong and my work is leaving a much bigger mark in the industry.