Become a Certified Soul Empowering Hypnotherapist

Empowering your Soul to help others empower their Souls


This is an amazing opportunity for hypnotherapists who wish to easily connect to guides, angels, spirit friends, and the soul. I am blown away by the information my SEH clients have received. Newer practitioners, in case you’re wondering if you can do this… You can. I invited a friend, who had never experienced Soul Empowering Hypnosis, and his sessions were truly amazing and everyone loved him!

Peg, Peaceful Dragonfly Healing

After teaching over 100+ hypnosis practitioners

I’ve learned that those who are drawn to learning Soul Empowering Hypnosis have a few magical things in common

They are genuinely kind

SEH practitioners understand that they are on this planet to be of service to others in a way that empowers hypnosis clients… and expands the consciousness of the world.

They enjoy being with other lightworkers

SEH brings together magical Souls that are like-hearted. They are supportive of each other during class and into the future. The bonds that are forged among the students are long-lasting.

They are solutions-oriented optimists

Those who are drawn to SEH know that there must be a reliable solution for those moments when other scripts they’ve been taught are not working for the client they are trying to help.

It took me 4 years to figure out the answers to this stressful riddle (after taking over a dozen trainings where I asked multiple experts for a solution without receiving one).

Since discovering the process, I’ve been refining these un-scripted solutions for years.

You don’t need to solve this riddle on your own.

The solutions are available, reliable, easy… and fun!

They are ready for magic

During the SEH certification training, you will get to practice these enjoyable techniques for 8 weeks so you will feel blissfully confident when you use them with your clients. AND…

You will get to receive 8 Soul Empowering Hypnosis sessions… while being a student, you also get to upgrade all aspects of your life so that it may become as beautiful and fulfilling as it was always meant to be.

Courtney has taught me how to connect my clients to significant past lives, present day aspirations, and deep soul wisdom/guidance. I am so passionate about Courtney's SEH courses.

Angi, Angelaria Hypnosis

Soul Empowering Hypnosis 





A delightfully cutting edge certification training that:

  • Sets up brand new practitioners for rapid progress, consistent confidence and session success

  • Adds new magical tools (straight from the Universe) to the toolbox of even the most highly experienced practitioners

Become SEH 


Registration for SEH (Level 1) Certification training is open NOW!



Congrats on entering the magic of SEH® Level 2 where:

  • You will build on the incredible foundation you mastered during your Level 1 sessions

  • You’ll enjoy dialoguing with a symptom, exploring past lives, interviewing Angels, Fairies, and Dragons, shifting timelines... and more!

Become SEH 


NOTE: SEH Level 1 is a
prerequisite for Level 2



Congrats on embarking on the SEH® Mastery level where:

  • You will connect deeply with your own Soul’s intuition while facilitating sessions

  • You’ll enjoy Soul channeling, exploring future lives, interviewing Deities, purifying processes, remote healing of others... and more!

Become SEH 


NOTE: SEH Level 2 is a
prerequisite for Level 3

Soul Empowering Hypnosis (SEH) is taking hypnotherapy to a whole new level! Courtney has designed a gentle, loving, and profound method of hypnosis that allows SEH certified practitioners to take their Clients into Transdimensional realms of consciousness for the purpose of healing, empowerment, self-discovery, and enlightenment!

Regina, Spirit Circle Hypnosis

Join the Master Mind

Are you an SEH student (or graduate!)?

SEH practitioners cherish opportunities to advance their craft.

Each of us is always learning new hypnosis techniques (brought to us by our Spirit Friends who join us for our clients’ sessions) and we can share new methods, ideas, and ponderings with each other each month.


Courtney offers a beautiful way of teaching SEH through warmth, connection and true understanding… and sharing her years of wisdom with us. Taking SEH now allows me to offer online sessions to my spiritual hypnosis clients.

- SEH Student

Each hypnosis certification training with Courtney has unlocked something unexpected inside of me. In taking these trainings I am telling the universe that I'm ready to level up and take an important next step in mastery of my craft. I have no doubt that the class and practice sessions will leave me feeling inspired, knowledgeable, and motivated for all the next steps in my life and business. Best of all, I know that I'm not going at it alone with the guidance of Courtney and the support of a powerful group of classmates and teammates.

- SEH Student



Soul Empowering Hypnosis (Level 1) Certification Training


Certification Training




Certification Training

Take At your own pace

This will be the final time Courtney is teaching Level 1 "Live".